Apple has been awarded $120 million compensation in the latest episode of the long running drama from the court room. Although a huge sum by most measures this is loose change compared to the $2.2 billion it had sought, meaning Apple had only been awarded 5% of what it had asked. It has been suggested that the damages awarded would barely cover the costs of bringing the case the court in the first place. Read more

The rivalry between Apple and Google is nothing new. They clash heads over many different aspects of their businesses but essentially it is to do with protecting and expanding their market share of mobile devices (read: Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS). So, any way they can attack each other over who owns what piece of software is fair game. Read more

apple 2014 Q2 profitsIt’s been announced by Apple today that their profits have risen to $10.2 billion in the first quarter of 2014. The rise has been attributed to selling nearly 44 million iphones during this period, generating a turnover of over $45 billion. These figures smash the industry predictions of it’s profits and of the number of units sold which was forecast to be 38 million iphones, in what is traditionally a slower period of sales after the Christmas period. Read more

Apple released their earnings for Q1 2014 and they were disappointing to analysts. The main let down was the sales of iPhones with the iPhone 5s leading the pack. Read more

Apple just reported on another quarter, in fact it’s their 4th quarter of 2013. The key take aways are that iPhone sales have been strong. Analysts expected sales of the

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