This is breaking news. We don’t know why Jony Ive is leaving Apple. Maybe it’s due to Marc Newson taking more of a lead.

But CNBC is reposting that Jony Ive will be leaving.

Apple has introduced a new camera feature Time-Lapse, the new feature is a part of iOS 8 which was released yesterday at WWDC. This was one of the many features that Apple didn’t announce yesterday. Read more

A new rumor has emerged about iOS 8 supporting split screen multitasking for iPads only. This is a big departure from Steve Jobs simplicity, while this doesn’t feel very Apple like, there could be some huge advantages like the ability to drag and drop pictures or even files if they add the Finder application for iOS 8. Read more

Apple has been awarded $120 million compensation in the latest episode of the long running drama from the court room. Although a huge sum by most measures this is loose change compared to the $2.2 billion it had sought, meaning Apple had only been awarded 5% of what it had asked. It has been suggested that the damages awarded would barely cover the costs of bringing the case the court in the first place. Read more

Since being given the unanimous go-ahead in October last year Apple’s construction team have made great progress in clearing the site to be ready for construction.

Today Ron Cervi, a flying traffic and news reporter for KCBS, released a picture on his Twitter page of the campus site which was taken from the air. The picture shows an almost blank canvas read to take the giant circular structure, which isn’t too far from Apple’s existing campus (‘Campus 1’). Read more

Rumours and speculation are flying around the internet today as hype builds around the launch of the new MacBook Air which could be, as some sources suggest, as soon as tomorrow! Read more

Apple have announced via their support website that they will be offering to fix (at no charge) some faulty iPhone 5 handsets that have a malfunctioning on/off button.

Read more

The rivalry between Apple and Google is nothing new. They clash heads over many different aspects of their businesses but essentially it is to do with protecting and expanding their market share of mobile devices (read: Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS). So, any way they can attack each other over who owns what piece of software is fair game. Read more