Apple has raised R&D by 1.1 Billion to over 4.3 Billion

Apple has raised their research and development spending by over 1.1 billion. It is now up to 4.3 billion. What could Apple possibly be putting all that money into?

apple R&D spendingApple of course is infamous for its secrecy but somehow things manage to escape.  The iTV is a product we have heard about for years. It would combine a huge panel (i.e an LED TV) with Apple TV innards to create a hybrid device. This seems to be a hard nut to crack for Apple as the price points for TVs continue to fall and Samsung basically owns the LED/LCD market.

What time is it? It might be time for an Apple watch. With Apple hiring designers and now the former CEO of Burberry, Apple may be poised to launch the iWatch sooner rather than later. A revolutionary product like that could definitely be the reason why the R&D spending is up so much. Flexible panels and the internal components are all going to be very difficult to manufacture.

What do you think Apple is spending all this new money on?


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