Predictions for Oct Apple event

The Apple event is scheduled for tomorrow and we will see what they have for us. Here are a few of our predictions.

iPads – 100%

ipad-mini-2-gold-leakWell, this one is rather obvious. We are expecting some new iPads, a refresh of the iPad Mini and the full size iPad. As we have heard rumor after rumor, the new 9.7″ iPad will be thinner with a design change and a new flat back.

The iPad mini will be refreshed, as well, with rumors of a retina display (I would guess a 70% chance) and new colors, including the coveted champagne. These will be in high demand. My advice? If you want one, order it on the first day.

OSX MavericksĀ – 95%

hero_waveIt’s that time of year again and we are getting to OSX 10.9 which means hopefully by next time this year we will be moving on to OSX 11. OSX 1o debuted way back in 2001 and has been a great OS.

What to expect in Mavericks: everything from maps to new tabs in finder are the big ones. Also those we can expect are features like iBooks and iCloud keychain (which could mean the demise of such companies like agilebits with their product 1Password which we use here on a daily basis).

Apple has put up an entire page about Mavericks which you can see here.

Mac Pro – 99%

1275911-mac-pro-2013The completely redesigned Mac Pro will finally become available after it debuted this summer. This is an absolute beast of a machine that really only applies to a small percentage of Apple users but is important for Apple to keep leading the way in these key technologies. These will eventually trickle their way down to the other machines. For more info check it out here.

Macbook Pro & Mac Mini – 90%

As I write this post on my Retina Macbook Pro I am slightly saddened by the fact that the new Pro will be more powerful and, more importantly, be much more energy efficient, which means a lot more Photoshop and blogging and a lot less recharging. Using the Haswell chips not only for the benefits of energy efficiency but the new Macbook will save some juice with new broadcom chips using 802.11 AC, the newest high speed wifi standard. This is, at a minimum, 3 times faster than the current wireless n.

The Mac mini will get an upgrade in video and cpu power. I would expect to see it look the same as the current version, but there is a very slim outside chance that Apple may do a similar color scheme as the new 5S.

Apple TV – 5%

The always rumored Apple TV will not be showing up at this event. It looks like the current version will be pushed back a couple months while it also waits for wireless ac as well as a faster processor and perhaps more internal storage.

Mg Siegler tweeted this earlier today: “I guess those excited about a software refresh in a week are gonna be *really* excited when new Apple TV hardware is unveiled next month.”

Apple Watch – 0%

While this isn’t even a product Apple acknowledges exists, it hasn’t stopped the internet from speculating and coming up with concepts of designs and specs. Apple will launch a watch but it won’t be tomorrow, it will most likely be in another year.


So what did we miss? Will there be any big surprises tomorrow? We will see.


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