Apple Opening World’s Largest Store In Grand Central Station (New York)

Well, Apple is up to it again. First, it was the Louvre, now it is another iconic building. If Apple is successful with this then they will be building up a resume of being able to do business where very few other companies are allowed to and at a scale which is unparalleled.

Apple stores, just like their products, are designed with perfection and are under a ton of scrutiny from the very top (Steve Jobs) down.

The largest Apple store in the world right now is in London on Regent Street but with this new potential Apple store it would eclipse the existing London location.

Apple has done some renderings, which you can see below. They manage to not make it look like there is much of a store in Grand Central Station.

This store will also make great business sense as over 750,000 people a day move through Grand Central Station 

What are your thoughts? Do you like the look of the store?


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