RIM Down 21% Playbook Delayed

Well, things have been tough for Rim (Research In Motion). The news came out today that they need to restructure a lot of their businesses.

RIM has been growing through buying businesses, but the problem with this is that eventually you have too many people doing the same job. There is a bigger problem though that RIM did not share.

1) Competition – For a while RIM was the default smart phone. Apple came along in 2007 and introduced the iPhone. The iPhone, as you know, revolutionaized the mobile phone industry, really bringing an easy to use mini computer to your pocket.

2) Catch-up – RIM has had to play catch-up on the smartphone/tablet technology race. They are lagging in both areas behind Apple and Google and not only that, but the news came out today that the Playbook (RIM’s version of the iPad) will be delayed, thus missing the “back to school” sales of this summer.

It’s not looking good for RIM right now. Do you think they will still be around 5 years from now?

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